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"A Good Free Task Manager Replacement"

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Process Explorer is a good free basic task manager replacement. It doesn't have all the features some of the other task manager alternatives have but it has the basic features most need. It also doesn't need to be installed to replace the task manager like the others do.

The only complaints I have with Process Explorer is it doesn't show you which processes are safe and which aren't. It also doesn't do as good of a job at killing processes that some of the other alternatives do.

Process Explorer is best for those who want a basic task manager replacement without wanting to install another piece of software on their computers. For those who are looking for more features like knowing if a process is safe or not and a better way to kill processes would be better to use another task manager like Auslogics Task Manager.

  • No Installation Required
  • Simple And Easy To Use
  • Free
  • Too Basic For Some People
  • Not Very Good At Killing Processes
  • No Way To Tell If A Process Is Safe Or Not

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11 Jul 2010

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